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Over 600,000 users on Flippa are ready to buy online businesses.

Just last week alone, our buyers made 20 bids on Flippa’s listings.

That’s the number of bids you’d get if you convinced every passenger in 0 fully-packed commercial airliners to make a bid.

Total sales made on Flippa

We’ve sold more websites than all of our competitors. Combined.

Flippa remains the most established marketplace for selling digital properties for over 5 years.

With over 350,000 transactions under our belt, Flippa is unquestionably the world leader at ensuring that your asset will get sold at the best price.

We invented this space

Flippa was the first ever marketplace for selling websites, and we’re still the reigning champions over 5 years later - and here is why:

  • A product designed from the ground up specifically to showcase digital assets. Our listing page shows extended traffic information, your financials, domain information and other crucial information that buyers look for.
  • A world class customer success team with years of experience helping sellers close sales and deal with anything they need from A to Z.

A sales machine that won't stop until you succeed

We have designed a system that ensures that no matter how and where you list on Flippa - there will always be further opportunities to get buyers interested.

Flippa allows sellers to negotiate with all the interested buyers to close the sale even after the auction is over. If post auction negotiation does not give you the result you want, Flippa continues showing your listing until we get a buyer for your asset. A classified listing will similarly stay on site until you have interested buyers.

No-nonsense marketplace security.

Flippa’s security systems were specifically designed for protecting the integrity of the marketplace. We have in place:

  • Identity verification systems
  • Activity monitoring software
  • Team of highly trained marketplace integrity specialists

You can confidently transact with buyers, knowing that you are protected.

Learn to sell from the best.

In over 500 interviews, guides, how-to articles and case studies we show you how successful internet entrepreneurs and sellers build profitable businesses and sell them.

We have a roster of credentialed experts from the domain, apps and website sales worlds that write on our blog and expose you to the latest updates in the industry.

Thousands have achieved financial success with Flippa.

2 users have happily joined Flippa just last week.

“I choose Flippa because I trust flippa. Flippa is simple to use, with a great user interface and user experience.”
Nitzan Raber
(Bought for $1.6K, generating $1k every month)
“Working with the Flippa team was a fantastic experience. They were in constant communication the entire time and help me find the perfect buyer for my website. It was a pleasure to work with them."”
Sean Alsobrooks
(Sold website for over $100,000 on Flippa)
“I love Flippa as it is undoubtedly the largest website buyer community on the web. By paying a small fee, I can literally reach out to 1000’s of buyers in a few hours which is simply amazing. With 100% positive feedback and over 28 successful website sales, I can vouch for Flippa!”
Jyotsna Ramani
(Seller of fashion websites)

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